Pyramid Instruction


The Pyramid of Scoring establishes the yardage control you have attained during the initial evaluation. Based on your level of achievement you will be placed in the appropriate yardage level for on course play.

  • Level 1 = 10-20-30 yards
  • Level 2 = 50-60-75 yards
  • Level 3 = 100-110-125 yards
  • Level 4 = 150-160-175 yards
  • Level 5 = 200-225-250 yards


The Pyramid of Golf is the program of instruction used by the Live Hands Instructional League. Basic fundamentals like grip, aim and stance will be emphasized along with teaching the feel and awareness of the golf swing.

The ideas of knowing where the club is and where it is going in the swing is the foundation of the Pyramid of Golf. Swinging the club and feeling its direction will accelerate your progress through the Live Hands Instructional League.