Live Hands Golf provides golfers of all skill levels with the quickest and easiest way to improve their game. Founded on two key elements, “Feel” and “Awareness,” Live Hands Golf incorporates these principles into a comprehensive learning program designed to lower scores.

Live Hands is an educational training program for golfers of all skill levels and is hosted by Tom Shea. Live Hands Golf lessons are currently being held at the Eagles Country Club in Odessa, Florida which is located just north of Tampa.

The golf lessons include one on one instruction with Tom Shea. Tom will teach you about feel and awareness while swinging a golf club. There are 6 main parts to his instruction and those parts are broken up among several months of lessons. It starts with the grip pressure control, matching it with soft arm pressure and grows into a feel of the club throughout the whole swing. The ultimate goal is for everyone to achieve 224. The first 2 is the grip pressure during the whole swing without changing. The second 2 is arm pressure and the 4 is the hand and club speed. Your hands have to always be moving slightly faster than your arms to achieve a straight shot. That is Live Hands!

In addition to the one on one instruction, your swing will be video recorded during each lesson and posted online to a personalized member account at

Your personalized member account on will be a customized portfolio of your lessons with Tom. You will be able to login online and review your previous lessons as well as prepare for future lessons. In addition to the lesson reviews, you will be able to download additional lessons and videos.

Live Hands Golf is truly the best way to improve your golf scores!